Who or what is Tacomamama?

Tacomamama.com is an online community, open to all Tacomans (and Tacowomans).  Although it started in 2007 with a one-woman blog, it was always intended to be (and has grown into) an open forum.

Who can post to Tacomamama?

Anyone can!  Although we do delete obvious, non-local spam you are welcome to post about your own experiences, local businesses, and events.  You can even start your own blog on the site.

How do I post here?

Follow this link.  You must first create an account and log in before  you can post.

How can I put an event on the Tacomamama calendar?

Events can be posted here, or from any of the links on the site that say "post" or "create content."  You do not need to send an email asking for permission.

How do I contact you about old/inaccurate information?

Now that the site is going on 4, there are quite a few old posts out there that are no longer accurate.  Please do feel free to leave a comment on them and we will come through and clean up.  

How do I contact Tacoma Mama?

Follow this link.

How do I advertise on Tacomamama?

We are now partnering with "Instivate," a company that grew out of Seattle Indie Ads.  Instivate is a locally-owned company that allows you to make direct advertising purchases on Tacomamama.  Purchase an ad here, rates are very small business friendly.

I have a great idea for the site!

Cool.  Please get started.


Thanks for using the site! 
Jennifer Boutell