Arrive Alive tour rolls onto Bates Technical College

Washington state drivers may know that texting while driving can impair their ability to react and drive safely on the road. But many do it anyway—regardless of potential consequences.

That’s why Bates Technical College teamed up with UNITE International’s Arrive Alive Tour to help educate the public about dangers associated with texting and driving. Thursday the Arrive Alive Tour brought a distracted-driving simulator to the college’s South Campus auto body program.


The simulator allowed users to experience distracted driving first hand without actually being in a dangerous situation. Recognized as the most high-tech texting and distracted driving simulator in the nation, it also includes a passenger-eye view, which allows anyone standing around the simulator to experience what the driver experiences.


Participants received a mock ticket following their simulation so they can better understand the physical and legal dangers of texting and distracted driving. Throughout the day, a facilitator asked questions and provided statistics about the dangers associated with distracted driving, and a high-impact video presentation played to serve as an additional educational resource for those in attendance.